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How can BUOY help retain entry-level employees?

BUOY quickly analyzes and streamlines your HR department with custom staffing solutions.

How can my business scale quickly and keep labor costs low?

Dream big- your business ideals are never out of reach. We outsource talented professionals with the skills you're looking for. Since we staff offshore, you can enjoy more flexibility when it comes to building your team.

Will my team be able to have reliable after hours support?

Yes! By outsourcing offshore, you're working directly with a team from time zones that reflect the hours you need for your customers.

Can BUOY help reduce operating expenses?

We specialize in finding cost effective help for businesses, fully optimizing costs and increasing overall profitability.

Can you guarantee top-tier talent for my team?

We work quickly to build a successful team that fits perfectly within your workplace. Our hiring process is meticulous, and we'll work directly with you to narrow down the best choices for your team.

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