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A Personalized Approach to Staffing

Good help is hard to find...at BUOY we hear this all the time, and we beg to differ! From new entrepreneurs to the largest asset-based companies, we help our clients set up and establish successful working relationships with a hand-picked team headquartered in Quito,

Cost-effective help is at your fingertips

Welcome to The BUOY Process

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Getting to Know You

To start, a BUOY Representative will call you to get a thorough understanding of what your company needs. We work directly with you to determine the right type of person for the job.

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The Great Filter

We take all of our candidates to task with a meticulous screening process that ensures they are properly trained and vetted to meet your workload expectations and fit seamlessly into the culture of your workplace.

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Let's Have a Face to Face

We will then narrow down our candidates to 3 potential matches. You'll get to review their resumes and have a face-to-face meeting through Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams to make sure you are comfortable with your potential new team member.

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Hashing it out

To tighten up any loose ends and ensure your top pick meets all of the criteria, we get everyone together so your new team member is well-integrated with all software and logins. That way, everyone is on the same page and ready to go!

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Let's Learn Together

Training your new BUOY team member in house is a great way to introduce them to your team and share your goals. Learning on the job can sometimes be the best approach so they can learn how to do tasks the way you expect.

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Full Integration

We want to make sure your needs are being met. Initially, we may conduct weekly team reviews with your team to help define KPIs for all employees and provide web portal access for employee performance records. Integration calls will lessen as your new BUOY team member becomes more familiar and acclimated to your process and expectations.

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We will narrow down our candidates to 3 potential matches. We want you to review their
resumes and have a face-to-face meeting through zoom, skype, or Microsoft Teams to
make sure you are comfortable with your potential new team member.

About Ecuador

Ecuador is democratic republic located in South America along the Equator line. It is a popular destination for eco-tourism and adventure travel due to its vast array of wildlife and diverse geography that includes the Galápagos Islands, the Amazon Rainforest, and the snow-capped Andes Mountains.
In addition to being a popular vacation destination, Ecuador is also an ideal near-shore staffing location for companies seeking a competitive advantage.  The country’s young, dynamic workforce is highly skilled, well-educated, fluent in both English and Spanish, and the cost of labor is relatively low compared to neighboring countries.  Ecuador benefits from having a stable, democratically elected government that invests heavily in technology, infrastructure and education.  It is also the home of our founder, Michelle!   

We hope you consider Ecuador as the ideal, cost-effective location for your remote support services.

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