What are Offshore Staffing Services?

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Courtney L.
December 30, 2022
What are Offshore Staffing Services?

For many startups one of the biggest stresses is staffing. It can be quite costly, especially for a new company, and it can be time consuming to build the right team that meets your expectations.

That’s why offshore staffing is becoming more popular. As companies look to cut costs and many offices go remote, this is an attractive alternative to hiring local. But what is it?

What is Offshore Staffing?

Offshore staffing is when companies in one country utilize the help of a staffing company to find employees overseas. These employees don’t physically move to your country to work. Instead, they operate within a satellite office.

What Does an Offshore Staffing Company Do Exactly?

It may seem like a complex endeavor  to find employees overseas, but that’s why an offshore staffing company is so important. They have a set process for how everything works, and cover all of the legal boundaries and hiring procedures.

From finding the best talent who align with your business goals to conducting interviews, they handle it all so you can focus on your business. However, don’t feel like you’ll be invisible! A reputable company keeps you in full control, and you’ll be there for interviews and screening from start to finish. You get the final say in who joins your team!

What are the Advantages of Offshore Staffing?

Offshore staffing may not be for everyone, but for startups and other companies looking to save on costs and promote growth, it can be a huge game changer. Here’s why…

  • You get more work availability due to differing timezones.
  • There is the benefit of bilingual employees to improve customer service.
  • You save on labor costs and real estate costs.
  • Candidates are highly-skilled and hand-picked for performance.
  • Offshore staffing is versatile, covering human resources, back office operations, data entry, and so much more.

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